• To store your sweaters and cardigans, it is advisable to fold them so they keep their shape. Woolen garments must not be hung because the wool could lose its shape. Fold them and store them in a space with a moth-repeller, here you can find the natural repellents!
  • Garments made from 100% natural wool may pill from the first couple wears, it’s completely normal. All-natural fibres naturally intertwine with wear, resulting in pilling. It does authenticate your piece’s natural credentials. It can be removed with our wool comb by gently brushing your knit with it! Note that it is highly recommended to use it on Merinos wool only.
  • We recommend washing by hand in cold water or 30° C maximum. No chlorine. Find here our homemade laundry detergent receipe. Do not tumble dry. No professional dry-cleaning. We do not recommend traditional machine wash. If you wash your knitted garments in the washing machine, we recommend that you place them inside a special bag to prevent the wool from being damaged in the drum of your washing machine. Never hang up your wet woolen clothes, let them dry flat on a towel so that they regain their original shape. Iron to a maximum iron sole temperature of 110° C.