Customer review policy

Since the end of October 2021, we have set up an email asking for your opinion about your piece. If you have already ordered a L’Envers piece, you have surely already received this email from us asking to leave your opinion on the piece(s) received.

In order to be 100% transparent with you, here is our customer review policy.

Why do you ask for customer reviews?

L'Envers is a 100% digital brand, which means that we almost only sell on our e-shop. We all know the difficulty of making purchases on the Internet, especially for more expensive products. To guide our future customers as much as possible in their choices, we are calling on you, our community of customers! Because who better to talk about a garment than someone who has worn and loved it?

When do you ask our customers for reviews?

We have decided to send our requests for advice 50 days after the order has been shipped. Thus, we are sure that you have received and worn the part in order to give a relevant feedback.

Are your reviews genuine?

All the reviews on our website are authentic. As soon as an order is placed, an email is automatically sent within 50 days. All reviews are automatically published on the corresponding product pages, both good and bad.

No review can be submitted directly via the site, the only way to submit a review is to receive an email through our partner Judge Me.