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Funded in 2015 l’Envers is about outliving seasonal trends and offers a durable and lasting collection heroing quality over quantity.

Unlike seasonal lines with continuous release of new products with a short lifespan l’Envers is a voice against the « quickly made, quickly consumed soon forgotten » fashion model. We deliberately focus on luxury essentials that are simple, useful, designed to last, respectful of the people and the environment.

Our high-quality and eco-friendly raw materials are wisely and carefully sourced with our yarn French mill. We collaborate with high skilled artisans in Portugal and Spain who knit our pieces with love in a limited edition and give great considerations to how all pieces are being made with high-quality cuts and finishes so they stand the test of time.

L’Envers creates timeless pieces for men and women valuing handmade craft and unique pieces over mass-produced products, for people inspired by the story behind the product.



We believe ethics and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive.

Making timeless, authentic, simple beautiful pieces whilst ensuring that we respect all social and environmental aspects of production.

Outliving fast fads, seasonal trends, ephemeral collection to create timeless collections.


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It is time to move away from throw-away culture and promote a responsible consumption.
People making our clothes play an essential role. They come first in everything we do. We put the spotlight on our partners. Geographic proximity and traceability go hand-in-hand with our ethic and makes it possible to reduce our impact on the environment.
We work exclusively with eco-friendly material.

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Let's go back to a place where we invest in pieces we care about, we are proud of and that last for ever. L’Envers is about well-made pieces entirely crafted with local partners. This enables us to establish close relationships individually, limit transport and preserve long-standing and high quality knitting traditions in Europe.

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The way we dress says a lot about how we are : it reveals our personal style and our own personality.

This is the reason why our unique designs are crafted in short runs and never repeated. We offer a very small number of each of our designs which are all individually numbered. We believe in individuality, in uniqueness, in clothes that have a story to tell.


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