Moths can damage a knit in a very short time. The main solution of the moth repellent has negative effect on your knits, your health and the planet because they are full of chemicals. So here are a few natural tips to make sure moths stay away without harming you nor the planet.

  • When you store your pieces, make sure to wash and fold them. Moths feed on the dirt of knits, so when they are clean it is unlikely to attract them.
  • They despise lavender and others smells, so you can use a bit of cotton or a tissue soaked in essentials oils (lavender, mint, eucalyptus or thyme are the best options) that you put in your dresser. Make sure that essentials oils don't touch your garments, it could leave a stain.
  • Buy some cedar wool balls and place them in your dresser. The heartwood of red cedar contains volatile oils that will kill clothes moth larvae. But note that they should be changed often because their effect decreases over time.