L'Envers - Ucpcyled organic hemp pieces

Growing hemp is simple, which means less labor & time, less pathogen and pest hurting, higher resistance to natural disaster, particularly suitable to rotation and intercrop. In fact, hemp requires no pesticides or herbicides, it returns 60%-70% of the nutrients it takes back to the soil and uses up to four times less water than other fibres - making it one of the most eco-friendly fibres to produce.

Hemp has excellent strength and durability - it's 2-3 times stronger than cotton. It's very breathable, highly resistant to abrasion, relatively lightweight, and wicks away moisture very well. Hemp is a coarser fiber and isn't as refined or smooth as silk and cotton, but it resists wrinkles well and softens with wear without degradation of the fiber. It's antimicrobial and odor-resistant, and is more thermally stable than cotton. It biodegrades quickly and cleanly (synthetics take between 300-600 years to breakdown, and release chemicals into the soil as they do so).

Our hemp was upcycled here in Spain that originally was produced by a Chinese company, who were the first member of the Fair Wear Foundation in China mainland— an independent non-profit organization that works with factories to improve labour conditions for garment workers.

This upcycled hemp was then dyed locally in Spain with 100% of the dyes used respecting the strict local environmental standards. Next to the factory there is a water treatment plant that recycles 100% of the water used.

Our woven fabric is made from 51% organic cotton and 49% organic hemp. We decided to mix these two materials in order to obtain a great softness with 100% natural materials.