Liliana was born in 1955 with, as she herself says, "needles in her hands". In the early 1980s she left her native Argentina and moved to Paris. Then headed to the south of France where she still resides.

Liliana’s main passion in life is knitting. Together we launched our knitting kit and our hand knitted pieces which she hand knots with her superb mohair wool she collects from her goats.

When she turned 16, she received as a birthday gift her first knitting machine from her uncle, and since then not a day goes by without her getting down to work. She gives knitting lessons and repairs old machines that no longer work to give them a second life. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

When she's not knitting, she takes care of her animals, her second passion. In 2001, one of her friends asked her to keep her herd of Angora goats for one season. She discovered an infinite love for them and made her family grow to 70 goats. They live happily in the open air in the fields, are mowed twice a year in October and April. Each animal gives a harvest of 3 and 4 kgs. The fleeces are sent to the mohair cooperative in France, which gathers the harvest of all the small independent breeders. The cooperative's role is to provide all the services necessary for the processing of mohair and to ensure the value and survival of the work of its 130 craftsmen in France. A great story of solidarity and the defence of local know-how!

Since the 1980s in France, alongside Liliana, a few other Angora goats breeders have decided to set up the label “Le Mohair des Fermes de France” and set up a production system that they master from start to finish: breeding, mowing, processing and selling the mohair yarn.

The farms are humane, they are respectful to the animals and of their individual well-being. Mowing is carried out either by the breeder himself or by professionals with appropriate skills and always in the best conditions for the animals. The transformation of the mohair is entrusted to European and French craftsmen specializing in noble fibers.

To date, there are more than a hundred breeders throughout France producing this exceptional quality mohair yarn.

L'Envers - Hand Knitted pieces - Liliana in her atelier
L'Envers - Hand Knitted pieces - Liliana's knitting machine
L'Envers - Hand Knitted pieces - Liliana's angora goat
L'Envers - Hand Knitted pieces - Liliana's angora goats