Behind our garments, there are the yarn manufacturers and our ateliers. Through each garment, we tell the story of the artisan who knitted it. We launched L'Envers with the ambition to build an ethical, sustainable but also a human brand that gives pride of place to the artisans who make each of our pieces. It is a true relationship of mutual trust and proximity that we have built with them. 

Since the beginning of L’Envers, we have always been committed to perpetuating and defending the know-how of the local knitwear industry. We’ve built faithful relationships with workshops that keep local traditions alive. We visit our artisans often and have strong relationships with each. The proximity of our ateliers is an essential element to guarantee the best working conditions for employees, make sure we have a limited impact with a local production and ensure high-quality pieces that will accompany you for years to come.

From the sketching of the pattern to the dyeing and gradation, everything is designed exclusively for L’Envers. Every stitch is developed in collaboration with our workshops, with yarns selected exclusively and cautiously by us.