LUCIE Sweater & Marion Beanie in amber

Marion Graux has been a potter and ceramist for the last 10 years, and she is a good friend of a very good friend of ours. Brought together by this shared friendship, but also by our shared love for creating beauty, celebrating craftsmanship and unicity, we could only love each other.

Nestled Rue de Dunkerque in Paris, her atelier is a joyful accumulation of plates, bowls and unique pieces as well as dried flower bouquets that she collects in Brittany. Marion dedicates her daily life to her craft, constantly looking to create beauty with a specific sensitivity for colors and materials harmony.

This is precisely the aspect of her work we wanted to translate by creating two knitted pieces in a vibrant and exclusive Amber color, very much typical of her work. 

Carefully crafted by the artisans we work with, 25 pieces only will be knitted with the wool that has been dyed and spun exclusively for this project by our colorist and spinner based in Creuse (France), based on an enameled Amber cup of Marion. Our LUCIE sweater is now colored in this warm and bright amber color, and combines to the perfection with the MARION beanie, designed by our favorite potter.