Mohair Wool: The Feather-Light, Wrinkle-Resistant Knitwear

In the realm of luxurious textiles, few fibers rival the exquisite qualities of mohair wool. Renowned for its feather-light touch, remarkable wrinkle resistance, and enduring durability, mohair stands as a pinnacle of luxury within the world of fashion and textile craftsmanship. But what exactly is mohair?

mohair fiber mohair wool

What is Mohair?

Mohair fiber, a remarkable textile, is known for being light as a feather, wrinkle-resistant, and durable. Its unique characteristics make it a favored choice for high-quality garments, a luxury fiber. Derived from the Angora goats, this fiber is admired for its ability to resist creases and stretching, all while maintaining a silky sheen. The shearing process not only ensures the comfort of the goats but also promotes their well-being by providing pain relief from the heavy fleece. Unlike synthetic fibers, mohair is a natural insulator, providing warmth in winter while remaining breathable and moisture-wicking in summer.

Origins of Mohair Wool: The Angora goats

The story of our mohair production begins with the Angora goat, a breed named after the Anatolian plateau in Asia Minor, particularly the province of Ankara, historically called Angora. These angora goats produce a fiber that is both beautiful and versatile, making it suitable for various applications in fashion and the textile industry. Mohair wool is one of the oldest textile fibers.

Our Mohair Wool is from South Africa: A Commitment to Quality and Ethics

At L’Envers, the mohair yarn used in our knits, including in the iconic LUCIE mohair sweater and old-time favorite CHARLOTTE cardigan, is spun in La Creuse, France. The raw fiber originates from small mohair farms in South Africa, where the angora goats are treated with care and respect. This ethical approach ensures that our products are not only luxurious but also sustainable and free of animal cruelty.The mohair fiber is then transformed into yarn in Bulgaria before being spun in France. This meticulous process ensures that each step of our production adheres to our high standards of quality and sustainability of mohair fabrics.

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Certifications and Standards

Such as our merino wool, to guarantee the highest standards of quality and ethical production of mohair fibers, our South African mohair wool is certified by several international and independent organizations :

- IWTO Standards : The International Wool Textile Organisation sets global standards for wool production, ensuring quality and consistency.

- RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) : This certification recognizes the best practices of farmers who manage their land progressively, practice holistic animal welfare, and adhere to the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare.

- IVN Best NaturTextil Label: Known for its strict ecological and technical requirements, this label ensures that our mohair producers' methods are environmentally friendly and technically advanced.

- GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard): GOTS certifies that our mohair production respects good working conditions, respects the environment, and is safe for consumers.

- OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100: This certification ensures that our mohair wool is free from harmful substances, with limit values that exceed international requirements.

- Bluesign: This standard bans toxic substances harmful to humans and the environment and promotes resource-saving production processes.

- DETOX by Greenpeace: We support this initiative to eliminate the use and release of toxic substances in the mohair industry.

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Is mohair soft to the touch?

Yes, mohair is remarkably soft to the touch. If you enjoy cashmere, you may also fall in love with mohair, although it is less suitable for very sensitive skin. Derived from the fleece of the Angora goat, mohair is known for its luxurious texture and silky smoothness. Its fine fibers create a plush and gentle feel with slightly raised fibers, making it a highly sought-after material for garments and textiles that prioritize comfort and elegance - precisely what we look for at L'Envers. Additionally, mohair's softness is complemented by its durability and natural luster, which is very dear to us at L'Envers where we strive to produce long-lasting garments to wear again and again, and pass on.

What are the advantages of mohair wool?

Mohair garments present the many advantages of wool clothing in general, above all: comfort. Wool cardigans and sweaters are moisture-wicking, naturally elastic, and provide natural insulation. Mohair yarn brings the additional benefit of irresistible softness thanks to its unique fiber structure. Mohair also catches color really well allowing us to widen our seasonal color palette with fuchsia, lilac, bright green, etc. Moreover, the mohair production process supports mohair producers and mohair farms, contributing to the livelihoods of local communities.

what is mohair silk fabric?
Our FRIDA Sleeveless Cardigan, made of 80% of Mohair and of 20% of Silk

What is mohair silk fabric, vs mohair fabric?

Several products in our collection feature mohair. The iconic LUCIE mohair sweater is made from mohair fibers, known for their vibrant color retention and luxurious feel. We also spin mohair with merino wool to add a voluptuous feel to our best-selling cardigans such as ANNA and CHARLOTTE. With our Spring 2024 collection, we have introduced a special blend of mohair and silk, which is undoubtedly our softest yarn yet. This unique mix combines the color-catching brilliance of mohair fabric with the shine and unmatched luxury of silk, and it is incredibly soft! 

The introduction of this new mohair blend yarn mix is showcased in our FRIDA sleeveless vest, a piece that effortlessly elevates any outfit with its sophisticated sheen and softness. The FRIDA mohair vest is a testament to the elegance and versatility of mohair silk, offering a touch of luxury that transforms everyday fashion. With FRIDA, you can wear mohair on bare skin, or layer it over a dress shirt for a sophisticated look.

FRIDA mohair-silk vest
FRIDA mohair-silk vest in midnight blue
FRIDA mohair-silk vest in amber


Mohair fiber, with its feather-light texture, wrinkle resistance, and silk-like sheen, is a material that stands out in the world of textiles. Sourced ethically from South African farms and meticulously processed to the highest standards, our mohair products embody quality, sustainability, and luxury.
Whether in the form of our classic LUCIE sweaters or the innovative FRIDA vest, mohair fleece remains a timeless choice to build your sustainable wardrobe. Embracing mohair means embracing a tradition of quality and craftsmanship that spans generations. So why not experience the luxurious touch of mohair in addition to our other fibers ?