L'Envers is a durable and timeless wardrobe which highlights quality and not quantity with collections that transcend the seasons.

Contrary to a pace  of regular and seasonal launches with a limited lifespan, the antipodes of a fast fashion quickly produced, quickly consumed, quickly forgotten, L’Envers’ ethos lies in the offer of a simple and sustainable luxury, respectful of artisans and our environment.

Since 2015 all our pieces are knitted in small family workshops in Spain, home of the founder Julie and her family. In this country where fast fashion reigns we wanted to give a voice to local artisans specialised in knitwear who have suffered from the relocation of the textile industry to Asia.

The raw materials, selected exclusively from French and Spanish spinning mills, are noble and respectful of the environment.

Our creations are intended for men and women inspired by the stories of artisanal production, of slow and respectful fashion, lovers of beautiful pieces woven and knitted with care, love, patience and who want to discover the hidden hands behind the confection of their clothes.



It’s the desire to perpetuate a family legacy of the French Northern textile industry, and a realisation of the flaws of today’s fashion industry that are at the heart of the creation of L’Envers. For Julie it’s a childhood story, a wish to awaken a lost sentimental heritage that she is bringing back to life thanks to the know-how of independent workshops located in Spain where she has lived for a few years.

Bonjour, Hey,

I am Julie, the founder of L'Envers. After living in Paris (I am French) and London I now live in a quiet village in the mountains near Madrid, with my husband and our three children. I have always been immersed in the textile world with my family being involved in this industry for a long time. The story goes back to 1820 when my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather founded a wool mill in northern France, which employed up to 1100 employees, 80% of whom were women. In 1977 the factory closed its doors, my grandfather then stopped the activity..... I was born 4 years later...

After working in large groups in three European capitals, I wanted to embark on my own entrepreneurial adventure in 2015. It was when I realized that the fashion industry was the second most polluting in the world that I wanted to offer an alternative and launch a fashion brand that was slow, respectful and artisanal.

I work a lot (too much according to my children) but like everything in life, it is a question of finding a balance and a meaning to what we do, and surrounding ourselves with people who share the same convictions and ideals for each day to get up with a smile and the desire to continue this beautiful adventure. I hope one day to be able to read more than one book a term, do yoga every day, continue to have breakfast every morning with my family, get into ceramics, still slow down my lifestyle, always limit myself more to the essentials, and continue to raise awareness that better and less buying less clothes will help us preserve our beautiful planet!



L’Envers means the opposite, the reverse in French.

Wear your jumper inside out to discover the craftsman who made it, and the raw material used. Highlight behind the scenes (or as we say in French “l’envers du décor”), open the curtain, present each partner, each stakeholder, each step from design to production. Go backwards, offer an alternative to our hectic lifestyle.



We are an independent French brand, we are not attached to any major group, any financial fund and the only interest we defend is that of the planet and our artisans. It is not a lack of ambition, but the desire to preserve our freedom, to remain true to our founding values, to maintain our authenticity and to develop at our own pace without financial pressure. Our motto: "we make it slow to make it last", is an equivalent of going slowly but surely, and sustainably!

We are committed to doing things right, not only in the manufacture of our products but also in the day-to-day management of our company. Respect the people we work with, infuse a positive corporate culture, think about our environment on a daily basis...while offering quality clothing. We are a small team of passionate people who are 100% dedicated to providing impeccable customer service. On a daily basis we work hard to design beautiful pieces that are respectful and will accompany you for years to come! 



Beyond the simple manufacture of clothing, we also want to explain our approach, raise awareness of the issues, inspire, share information from our industry so that everyone can understand and share our ideals of a slower, more sustainable and respectful fashion. 

More and more of you are joining us every day, thank you for your loyalty. We are constantly learning from each other, so talk to us, we are listening and taking good advice and suggestions. Tell us all about it by writing to us at info@lenversfashion.com. Even critics are welcome.  

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