In light of our ethics and the values we believe in, the choice for our raw materials focuses on environmentally friendly fibers: natural and non-mulesed wool, organic cotton, linen and hemp. Privileging natural and non-synthetic materials allows our clothes to have a lower environmental impact as they do not use as many chemicals during the production process. Important note: non toxic-materials are safe both to your health and environment! All our materials are carefully selected from our mills in France, Italy and Spain.


A natural resource, biodegradable, and renewable, wool is the material of choice for its many virtues, especially in terms of sustainable development. A noble material, wool will stay with you durably and comfortably. If maintained with care, it will retain its flexibility, softness, color and shape for years.

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It is no wonder that half of all the fabrics produced around the world are made from cotton. Soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic, and breathable. But traditional cotton which represents 99% of the global cotton production presents a significant environmental challenge: it requires the use of lots of water resources and pesticides. This why we make things differently and only source 100% organic cotton which doesn't use toxic pesticides and is free from genetic modification: Good for our planet and good for your health!

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What to do with the fabric scraps inherent in cutting the shapes of our clothes in the fabric rolls? We reuse them to create small accessories. An upcycling approach to avoid throwing anything away. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed!