Since 2015 our goal at L’Envers is to design fewer pieces made in a better, slower way. We believe quality is an investment in the future and that clothing ought to be made in a mindful, careful way and for slow consumption. We believe our planet deserves better. Less waste and less pollution. That’s why we create seasonless pieces. Away from the tyranny of seasons, we offer timeless editions which are meant to stand the test of time and outlive fast fads and seasonal trends.

Since day 1 each piece has been knitted & sewn in small family workshops with great know-how in Spain, where we live, and made of pure raw materials that are selected carefully from French, Spanish and Italian spinning mills. Working at a local scale makes it possible to foster strong and individual relationships with our artisans, and limit the impact we have on the environment. We are proud to give a voice back to local hand-crafted fashion.

Our creations are intended for women and men who are inspired by local artisanal production, by slow and respectful fashion, and the stories of the hidden hands behind the confection of their clothes.


I am Julie, a French mompreneur in her early 40's. After living in Paris, London and Madrid I am now living with my husband and 3 kids in a mountain village to disconnect from the big city and get closer to nature and live a slower and more meaningful life.

After working in big companies I was keen to embark on my own entrepreneurial adventure in 2015. It was then when I realized that the fashion industry was the second most polluting in the world, and that I wanted to offer an alternative and launch a fashion brand with a slow and respectful mindset and that would create low impact on our environment. I have always been immersed in the textile world with my family being involved in this industry for a long time. The story goes back to 1820 when my great-great-great grandfather founded a wool mill in Northern France.

I am lucky to work in an inspiring sector and to be surrounded by talented people who share the same convictions and ideals as I do. I find it very exciting to dress people in a way that preserves our beautiful planet and respects the people making it! I hope this adventure will keep growing (without getting too big, as I am keen to keep it at a human scale) and who knows be taken over by one of my kids!


Julie the founder of L'Envers and her family
Charlotte Mohair Cardigans - Knitted in a locally family owned ateliers in Spain - L'Envers


We are an independent French brand based in Spain, unattached to any major group or financial funding. The only interests we defend are those of the planet and our artisans.

It is not a lack of ambition, but the desire to preserve our freedom, to remain true to our founding values, to maintain our authenticity and to develop at our own pace without any financial pressure. Our motto: "we make it slow to make it last", is an equivalent of going slowly but surely, and sustainably!

We are committed to doing things right, not only in the manufacturing of our products but also in the day-to-day management of our company. We are a small team of passionate people who are 100% dedicated to providing an impeccable customer service and top quality garments. We work hard on a daily basis to design beautiful pieces that are environmentally responsible and that will last you for many years!


L’Envers means the opposite, the reverse in French. “Faire les choses à l’envers”: doing things in an opposite way, in a different manner, offering an alternative to the fast fashion.

This is what we stand for! L’Envers invites you to turn your clothes inside out (we say in French “mettre son pull à l’envers”) and read the clothing label in order to discover the full story: where they are made, what materials were used and who made it.

L’Envers is a human brand and highlights the behind-the-scenes (we say in French “l’envers du décor”) and gives full transparency. Get to know the people behind our brand!

Claude Cardigans - 100% Spanish Merino - Knitted in a locally family owned ateliers in Spain - L'Envers


Beyond the simple manufacturing of clothing we are keen to build an authentic and engaged community with you all. Thanks for joining our family and being more and more of you every day. We wouldn't exist without you and everything we do is for you. All types of feedback are welcome and we love to read about your opinions and your experiences, it really matters to us! Feel free to send us an email at customer@lenversfashion.com. As well don't forget to participate in the design of our garments and tell us what you want from us each collection!

We are also keen to raise awareness about our industry and inspire you with our ideals of a slower, more sustainable, and respectful fashion. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter so we can include you in everything we do! We love you and we promise we only share great stuff and no promotional sales! 

Édith Polo - 100% Organic Cotton - Knitted in a locally family owned ateliers in Spain - L'Envers