It has happened to everyone: a loose button, one that falls, one that breaks. This is why we always send a spare button along with our pieces. But what to do with a spare if you have never sewn a button before?

Here is our little tutorial to learn how to fix this so that you keep wearing your favorite knit for years.

All you need is:

  • Scissors
  • Matching thread
  • A needle
  • The spare button we sent you
  • Thread the needle and tie the end with a double knot. You should be able to see the holes where the original button used to be on the garment. This will be a guide for where you should sew the new button.
  • Insert the needle from the back of the garment bring the thread to front and create a small ‘X’ to anchor the thread.
  • Place the button over the ‘X’ bring the needle through one of the buttonholes and back down through the buttonhole below the first one and to the back of the fabric. Keeping the button in place, bring the needle back up through the fabric and into the first hole then again into the second one and through the fabric. Repeat this process several times.
  • If your button has four holes, repeat step three on the other two holes parallel to the first two.
  • Using the needle, wrap the thread several times around the underneath of the button to further secure it. Bring the needle to the back of the fabric and tie a knot. Cut the excess thread.