L'Envers and You - Rilley, Happy customer interview - Wool Merino Cardigan

1. Tell us about you…

I live I the state of Oregon with my family on our flower farm where I work as not only a farm hand but as a floral designer. It’s kind of a crazy gig! One day you’re out in the fields planting or cutting hundreds of flowers and the next you’re putting together someone’s special day or event. It’s a lot of hard work and hours but it’s fulfilling.

2. Who or what inspires you?

I get inspired by the people I have the honor to work with and call friends. My mother is the most hardworking individual I know and I truly aspire to be even a little bit like her. She’s a dream chaser and does exactly what she puts her mind to. Everyday I’m amazed at how much work she can get done in a 12-hour day. She always running circles around everyone in the house. She’s fearless! Also, I get inspired by the floral community as a whole, here in the PNW it’s all about supporting each other and not about competition. It’s really amazing to see especially in times like this. Growers and designers go hand in hand and I find inspiration in both!

3. What is something you have loved for a long time?

I love supporting local or small businesses that I believe in. Growing up here in Oregon your raised off of the idea of “support local”. Weather that’s clothing or your local car wash you always go local before commercial. It’s something that I really stand by even today. You meet the coolest people and you get the most amazing quality out of whatever your supporting. Some of my favorite wines come from small wine makers where you can only get it from stopping by their house!

4. What is something you have recently rediscovered?

My love for plants!!! I am obsessed with house plants and I have accumulated 17 in my room alone in the past month. It started with a String of Pearls and just escalated from there.

5. What is your favourite object and what makes it special?

I guess it’s a collection of objects for me. Over the years I’ve been collecting pieces of my friends art. Its special to me because not only is it beautiful but someone I love made them, and every time they come to my house, they get to see something that they put their heart and soul into.

6. What is something you are looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to lots of things. Traveling again, being able to design new shoots, buying new plants, getting a puppy, there’s so much to be excited about! Right now, it’s kind of a day by day thing, looking forward to the new of tomorrow!

L'Envers and You - Rilley, Happy customer interview - Wool Merino Cardigan
L'Envers and You - Rilley, Happy customer interview - Wool Merino Cardigan

7. What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability means not putting more harm to the earth then we have to. To make a cautious effort to reuse, reduce waste, to support local. Humans are consumers, we don’t really give back to the earth we just take, we see that in the fashion industry quite often. Fast fashion and new trends come and go every year. With social media constantly influencing us to buy this or that, you can feel a pressure to follow the trends. Every year though I get so excited to see more and more brands that are sustainable coming out and sharing knowledge to the world about what their company stands for.

8. What is your relationship with fashion?

My relationship with fashion has been quite a rollercoaster. I really didn’t come into my sense of style till just recently in a trip to Paris. I feel in love with the way everyone dressed, so classic and versatile, nothing to crazy trendy and all good quality. I started collecting and building a wardrobe for myself. Also, color is so important, I had to think about it but I realized that I ware all primary colors, so now that’s what I focus my wardrobe around. Once you kind of have a basic color palette you can really build a functional wardrobe.

9. Why did you choose this piece of L’Envers?

I picked this piece because I was actually looking for a sweater just like it. The color fit right to my wardrobe palette too. I wanted something I could wear a bunch of different ways too. It could be something I just throw on over something, or a statement piece on its own. I have been wearing it all the time with these spring days, layering it over a dress in the morning when it’s still cold out. I’m obsessed with is and I couldn’t be happier!

L'Envers and You - Rilley, Happy customer interview - Wool Merino Cardigan