Get ready because the iconic duo of Madeleine and Julie is making a comeback with an exciting new collaboration!

Brace yourself for a fusion of passion, creativity, and family bonding as we delve into the world of SIXSŒURS and L'Envers, two women-owned brands in the realm of ethical and sustainable fashion.


How it started :

Julie and Madeleine are like two peas in a pod – they hit it off right from the get-go!

Their chance meeting in Paris a while back sparked a whirlwind adventure filled with laughter, color, and endless creativity.

These two blondes share a love for all things bright and bold, and they're both notorious for always pushing the boundaries of style.

Even though they might seem like opposites at first glance, their styles mesh together like peanut butter and jelly, creating a unique vibe that screams "Julie and Madeleine."

They're more than just pals – they're practically sisters, cheering each other on in both their artistic ventures and their personal lives!

In the fall of 2022, they create the FRANÇOISE cardigan together

FRANÇOISE, the first piece to combine the DNA of the two brands, perfectly combines the style of Julie and Madeleine.

On the one hand, the assertive and trendy look specific to SIXSŒURS, which never fails to put you in a good mood. And on the other side, the knitting know-how and timeless style of L'Envers.

The result ?

Puff sleeves with XXL volume, long ribbed cuffs, a button placket and a thick collar, a resolutely feminine silhouette, in 100% pure Spanish merino wool, and the FRANÇOISE cardigan was born!

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New for Spring 2024 : the Raphaëlle sweater!

This season, Julie and Madeleine strike again!

Second collaboration between these long-time friends, the RAPHAELLE sweater in 100% organic cotton is a pure marvel.

It is the perfect alternative to wool for those with the most sensitive skin.

Thick and soft cotton, a round neck and two great colors come together to bundle you up on those chilly summer evenings.

The puff-sleeve design echoes FRANCOISE and adds an element of fun and we love that.

A timeless quality piece to wear, wear again and pass on.