OLYMPE Sweater in Ocean Blue

A shared love for craftsmanship, a shared story about a family heritage, a shared vision about how fashion has to slow down, and finally a shared mission to embody women entrepreneurship. Even being oceans apart, there were too many correlations between L’Envers & La Réunion not to make something out of it.

“When I stumbled upon the work of Sarah Nsikak, the designer behind La Reunion, I immediately knew I wanted to collaborate with her,” says Julie, founder of L’Envers.

La Réunion is a Brooklyn-based studio where Sarah designs hand stitched and quilted pieces made exclusively from upcycled and recycled materials. Her approach is deeply rooted in her dual heritage being a first generation Nigerian-American: she is simultaneously embodying the American history and culture of quilting, as well as the African roots of the same art of patchwork that was at the heart of Namibia's Herero tribe.

We are proud to collaborate with her to complement her designs with a piece of knitwear. We’ve knitted a limited edition of 30 of our OLYMPE vest in one of our historical family-owned ateliers in Spain, in a custom Ocean Blue color Sarah picked, perfectly matching her dresses.

Claire Guarry, US-based French photographer, shot the collection with Mekdele Maskal.