After months in the making, our new capsule collection @lenversfashion x @albertineswim is ready to see the light of day !

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Knitwear + Swimwear = ❤️ !

We loved racking our brains and brainstorming on the summer pieces to combine our timeless knitwear with shiny, cheeky and colorful outfits heading to the beach in Biarritz!

We love the 3 super trendy summer looks that spice up our rather tame world of L'Envers.

What hasn't changed in our recipe is having each piece knitted individually by our artisan Miguel, all in 100% organic cotton!

Discover our KATI dress, our AMAIA long skirt and our PIA top to pre-order now to wear on the beach or in town. Colorful openwork knits to wear on repeat and elevate your summer looks! Summer will be hot!

Pre-orders are open from April 3rd to midnight on April 21st, then production and shipping at the beginning of July just in time for the start of the summer season.

If you have any questions about sizing, the fit, the colors, how to create looks... then write to us at customer@lenversfashion.com and we will answer you with a smile!

The team @ L'Envers

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To limit our carbon footprint and avoid overproduction in manufacturing only the raw materials and finished items necessary to fulfill your orders.

You can order pieces from our capsule collection with ALBERTINE in the color of your choice until April 21st.

Once the orders are closed, we will have the organic cotton yarn dyed and our artisan Miguel Angel will knit all the pieces ordered.

Shipments will start from July 1st.
We will produce a few extra pieces to allow for some exchanges, returns remain possible.

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L'Envers cotton pieces are made from a yarn made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

The cotton we use grows in India. It is first spun in India and then dyed in Portugal.

All parties involved in its production are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and GOTS certified, and are audited every year to ensure compliance with working conditions and other regulations required by these certifications.

Our spinner is also invested in creating a positive social impact with efforts such as its participation in Cotton For Life, a CSR program which aims to promote sustainable fashion by creating a transparent, eco-friendly textile value chain.

The yarn is then sent to our artisan, Miguel Angel, who makes your pieces one by one with the greatest care in his workshop in Béjar, near Madrid, where we are based.

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