A collection of hand-embroidered cardigans

Embroidery is an absolutely fascinating craft to me: I can stay hypnotized looking at the beauty you can achieve with a simple thread and a needle. I could not resist it anymore: we needed to get creative around an iconic piece of our collection, the CLAUDE cardigan, and find the most beautiful way to use our wool thread leftovers.

The organic tones, natural materials used and authenticity of Julie Robert matched our vision at L’Envers so well that we’ve quickly come to the idea of working together on this project. 

CLAUDE gets artsy with a stunning pocket punched by Julie: with wool remnants from the atelier, she created a unique design that will ornate our Plum and Light Grey CLAUDE cardigans. Carefully punched by hand, one by one, each pocket will follow the same design with the tiny variations that implies hand creation, to our greatest pleasure.

 All the pockets have been embroidered by hand by Julie Robert in France, and will be applied to our cardigans in the family owned atelier we work with in Bejar, Spain. We have been upcycling our merino wool thread remnants.

The collaboration was shot by Adeline Muller.