CLARA Hemp Blouse

hemp - white
€ 140
This flowy blouse is one of two pieces in our first-ever woven collection. Inspired by traditional Japanese pattern with a voluminous look that doesn't overwhelm you, and has a form blousy structure features generous folds that is flattering for all shapes.
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Sewn in a very limited number of pieces in our atelier in Madrid

  • Soft, mid-weight organic hemp and organic cotton fabric
  • Very comfortable piece
  • Natural imperfections and variations in the weave give this material its unique, rich and earthy feel


  • 51% organic cotton 
  • 49% organic hemp 

For this piece we were happy to support upcycling and purchase our fabric rolls from the excess of another brand!

We offer pieces made with materials of exceptional quality so that they will last over time, but the way you care for them is just as important. We advise you to hand wash your L’Envers piece in cold water and lay it out on a flat surface to dry.

For more information, check our care guide!


WE MAKE IT SLOW TO MAKE IT LAST, and each piece is made to order. Our current production time is 3 weeks + delivery time is 3-5 business days. If you’d like your piece sooner please email us on and we will try our best to accommodate you.

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How does it fit?

This piece is made for all body types.
Discover this knit on four different women, four different figures.

Naiara is wearing a unique size piece and her measurements are:
Height - 156cm | Bust - 132cm | Waist - 116cm | Hips - 137cm

Julie is wearing a unique size and her measurements are:
Height - 165cm | Bust - 83cm | Waist - 69cm | Hips - 87cm

Alba is wearing a unique size and her measurements are:
Height - 168cm | Bust - 80cm | Waist - 65cm | Hips - 83cm

Mika is wearing a unique size and her measurements are:
Height - 161cm | Bust - 85cm | Waist - 71cm | Hips - 90cm


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