Caring for Our Sustainable Knitwear Products



Our woven fabric is made from 51% organic cotton and 49% organic hemp.

Hemp is one of the few fabrics that becomes softer with use meaning clothes made from it will last a lifetime with the right care.

To wash our cotton/hemp blend pieces we recommend hand or machine wash in cold water using a mild soap or detergente. If hand washing, be sure to rinse thoroughly as residual soap can cause brown spots on hemp caused by oxidation. For stains, wash immediately in warm water using directly on the stain.

Dry garments flat and be sure to spread or strech the garment to avoid wrinkles as it dries. Don’t let it dry thoroughly as the fabric may become brittle and take several hours to recover its natural moisture and flexibility. It’s a lot easier to iron hemp garments when they are slightly damp. If the fabric is completely dry, dampen slightly and iron on a medium to high heat.

Hemp has natural moth repellent properties and can be stored normally.