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GAVINA - Founder of Atelier Aletheia

“I like to think that we can endow fashion with moral qualities that transcend its potential triviality, such as consciousness, ethics, and timeless beauty.”

DELANEY - Dancer

“Considering the ethics of fashion is just as important as choosing sustainably-sourced food.”

NORA - Storyteller

“It's a gift, truly. L'Envers makes truly heirloom garments, so the option to have one made to your measurements just reinforces their value. I will have--and wear--this piece for my whole life.”

TINTA - The founder of Woodchuck

“Investing in the knowledge you give your children, that is sustainability to me.”


“I realized that I had to change the way I lived when discussing with people and also after seeing various documentaries as ‘The true cost’ or ‘Cowspiracy’.”

DORTE - The founder of Lissome

“To me, ‘sustainable fashion’ means to increase the well-being of people and planet by paying fair wages, providing safe working conditions, by producing in an environmentally-friendly way and by creating well-made clothes that are beautiful, functional, comfortable, and can be repaired and recycled.”

PABLO - Journalist

“The sustainability is a way of life and I believe that it is all our responsibility to change things.”

JOANNA - Owner and Designer of Pyne & Smith Clothier

“Wearing clothing made by ethical makers makes me feel very in tune with my clothing, that there is a story behind each piece that I am lucky to be wearing.”

FUMIKO - Stay-at-home mum

“I want my children to be aware of the gifts of nature.”