Tinta - Founder of Woodchuck

Tinta - Founder of Woodchuck




1. Tell us about you…

I am a 43 year old/young mom and have been together with Rutger for 13 years. Together we have an 8 year old daughter and our dog. I am an hardworking woman who finds it difficult to sit still, i love new challenges and am always creating. In my school years my favorite classes were drawing and arts and crafts and that has stuck around. My past has been somewhat tumultuous, but it made me the person i am today and i can say i am happy with that and proud as well. It feels a little weird saying this about yourself. Important lessons in my life are: learning to accept that the road to success can take a long time with all, self created, problems. which can easily can be overcome by just doing it and taking it as it comes.

2. Who or what inspires you?

My inspiration comes from everything around me. Like observing peoples reactions, my daughter, being outside, art and listening to myself. I don’t look much in magazines and try to look at Pinterest as little as possible to avoid being overstimulated. Too much info is counterproductive for me.

3. What is something you have loved for a long time?

Being outside in nature, the beach, the forest, the color brown, caramel, cognac, Colors of autumn. The month I have been born and chocolate)

4. What is something you have recently rediscovered?

As a child I followed classic ballet . The agility and stretching of the body I have found again in yoga. The bond with my sisters, my daughter (don’t know what is not special about her).

5. What is your favourite object and what makes it special?

I also have a fascination for mobiles, the way they move through the air and how they behave and change form. We have one in the bedroom that helps me fall a asleep, like some sort of meditation.

6. What is something you are looking forward to?

The new things that come on my path, road trips with the three of us and our dog, getting to know new people that give me energy

7. What does sustainability mean to you?

I love surrounding myself with products of nature, I try to pass this on onto my daughter. Investing in the knowledge you give your children, that is sustainability to me. It is also in the products you acquire, but the main reason is to pass it on to our children.

8. What is your relationship with fashion?

Simplicity, natural and comfortable. Those are the contents of my closet. I don’t have al lot of clothes. I also buy second hand, and i get items from my mother. I don’t know how she does it, but she finds real gems. Beautiful brands and hardly ever worn. Off course my new favorite is the L’Envers vest.

9. Why did you choose this piece of L’Envers?

Because it is timeless, and its of such a quality that it’s an item for life. It was love at first sight.