Meet Our Fair Trade Merino/Alpaca Mill Partners



SPAIN Since 2015
Angel is a man of great generosity, passionate about his work and one of the greatest sewing professionals in the Spanish textile industry. As is often the case with this generation, it is the family heritage that will influence his professional career and so it is Tomas the father, project manager in the 2nd largest jeans manufacturing company in Spain, who will offer his 14 year old son Angel the opportunity to become a sewing machine mechanic in the factory. More than 1000 people at the time and 12,000 garments are made every day in the factory. Angel then flew on his own wings and set up his own workshop in Toledo near Madrid. He had to close this workshop due to the numerous relocations in Asia, and 4 years ago he reopened a smaller workshop of three people which ensures the making of all our woven pieces..