Meet Our Mohair & Yak Mill Partners


FRANCE Since 1913
A few kilometres from Aubusson, in the cradle of French tapestry, you can find the Terrade mill, a small family run company who preserves the centuries-old craftsmanship of hand spinning. Founded in 1913, it is now run by Thierry Terrade, the great grand-son of the founder.
The original mill was established to produce Shepherd's Caps, but in the 1950s moved intoproducing hosiery, and by the 1980s they had expanded to open their own dye house which is still in operation. This allows them to ensure that all the dyes they use meet REACH standards and are environmentally friendly.
Today the mill is a small operation, with just 6 employees who share the work of carding, spinning, twisting, dyeing and setting skein or cones.