GAVINA - Founder of Atelier Aletheia

Gavina - Founder of Atelier Aletheia




1. Tell us about your brand…


It all started 8 years ago. A desire, a dream to take what I most enjoy, what I know how to do, and what has surrounded me for all of my life somehow or another, and combine it with nature: beauty, colors, plants, energy, and health.

2. Who or what inspires you?

Life, the power it has and the energy it gives me, and the close connection I feel with it. By being in company I can share its beauty, and its truth.


3. What is something you have loved for a long time?

The profoundness of nature. The respect that it inspires me, and how we are all part of it.


4. What is something you have recently rediscovered?

The constant reaffirmation of your truth.


5. What is your favorite object and what makes it special?

Any material object in which you can sense soul, love, or art.

6. What is something you are looking forward to?

I trust that, through what we do, others can participate in the beauty and well-being that we want to put in the world.


7. What does sustainability mean to you?

Respect. Listen. Pay attention.

8. What is your relationship with fashion?

Fashion has many facets, and for me it is a form of human expression. I like to think that we can endow it with moral qualities that transcend its potential triviality, such as consciousness, ethics, and timeless beauty.

9. Why did you choose this piece of L’Envers?

Because it is very beautiful and I can perceive in it the energy of the people who made it possible. This is the soul I was talking about before.