EMMA - Writer and photographer

Emma - Writer and photographer




1. Tell us about you…


I live in the English countryside, on a hill overlooking a small town that is known for its creativity. I moved here last year in search of a slower, simpler life. I spend my days writing about slow living, slow travel and sustainable clothing for websites, magazines and my own blog. I’m also a keen photographer and am rarely seen without my camera slung around my neck.


2. Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by the nature that surrounds me. When I look out of my window I can see the hills in front of the house and the woodland behind changing with the seasons. I also seek visual inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. When it comes to my writing, I read as much as possible to soak in the words of others.


3. What is something you have loved for a long time?

I have always loved to read, ever since I was a young girl. I used to max out my library card every week and often could be found sprawled on my bed reading two or three books at once. I love to read every day and almost always head to bed with a book to read until I drift off. If my house was on fire (and my dog and boyfriend were safe) the first thing that I would try to save would be my huge collection of books.


4. What is something you have recently rediscovered?

In recent years I have discovered how much I love wild swimming. In the warmer months, I love nothing better than swimming in a lake, river or the sea. There is a reservoir on top of a hill opposite my house where I love spending time in the summer. It takes the best part of an hour to hike up a steep hill to reach it but wading into the water up there is my favourite way to spend a summer’s day.


5. What is your favorite object and what makes it special?

My favourite object is my Fujifilm camera. As a keen photographer, I have several cameras but this is the one that usually doesn’t leave my side. It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and use when I’m feeling inspired. I rarely leave the house without it.


6. What is something you are looking forward to?

Although I am a summer baby and that will always be my favourite season, I’m looking forward to the cosiness of autumn. I love watching the leaves slowly change colour and fall to the ground, watching my dog kick them up as we walk through the woods. Inside, we’ll light a fire and candles and wrap up in blankets, sipping herbal tea and reading books or entertaining with friends. There’s something magical about autumn – an electricity in the air. And of course, it’s the perfect season for snuggling up in a cosy knit.


7. What does sustainability mean to you?

To me, sustainability means maintaining the current balance. To be sustainable, you should participate in carbon neutral behaviours – taking the train instead of flying, eating vegetarian instead of meat, wearing clothing that has minimal impact on the environment. It’s about lessening our individual impact on the world and striving towards a better future.


8. What is your relationship with fashion?

I used to work in the fashion industry and felt the need to constantly buy new clothes in an attempt to fit in. Nowadays, I am a strong advocate of slow, sustainable and ethical fashion – something that I often write about on my blog. I love clothes and am constantly falling in love with garments that I see – but I don’t allow myself to buy anything unless it is something that I need or something that I really love that I know I will wear for years to come. I shop from independent brands who focus on the same values that I have and buy forever pieces, rather than fleeting fashion fads.


9. Why did you choose this piece of L’Envers?

The Johnny sweater is my ideal knit! I like slightly oversized jumpers that I can layer over the linen dresses and jumpsuits that I usually wear. I gravitate towards thicker knits in simple silhouettes that I can easily pull on to keep me warm on the cold winter days that we get here. I used to borrow my boyfriend’s jumpers as I liked their oversized, simple aesthetic – this knit reminds me of his jumpers but with a more feminine fit.