We'll be opening pre-orders for our CATHERINE dress later this month (Dec 2021). 

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Why do we do pre-orders for our new CATHERINE dresses?

Our knitted pieces are made to order. You order, we make it. Yes, it takes a bit of time, but good things take time, don’t they? It also means we have no stock, we generate no waste, and we can offer a fair price all year round. As pieces are made to order, with a bit more time, we can also customize them the way you want. We won’t lie, it has its operational complexities, but it’s in our ethos: we make it slow to make it last.

However, making woven pieces on order is much more difficult: you can’t dye just one dress, or cut just one piece of material. This means that for our first linen and hemp garments, we’ve had to produce only a very limited run that would sometimes sell out, sometimes stay in stock, with incredibly high production costs. Basically, we made them because we loved them, but at a cost for us.

Because pre-orders seem to be a better model for woven pieces, we’ve made the decision to test it for our new CATHERINE dresses. Then, if we see it works well for you, for our ateliers and for us, then we might consider extending it to some other of our pieces.

But concretely, what do pre-orders mean?

For you, it means you purchase your garment before it’s manufactured, and you have to wait 2 months to receive it. But most importantly, it means you benefit from the highest quality at a fair price. Why? Because by selling our pieces directly to you on our website, we have no distribution costs, no storage costs, no overproduction costs.

For our ateliers, it’s the guarantee of being paid at the right price, on time and of having a volume large enough to operate and grow.

For L’Envers, it's less headaches and a better quality, ethical and price ratio.

So yes, it takes a bit longer to receive your order, and these pieces aren't available all year-round, but it means that together with you, we’re contributing to making fashion more sustainable and more meaningful. We know that as we make improvements we will always encounter new challenges, and though this road is unending it will forever offer us room to change and improve. We are committed to never stop questioning ourselves, innovating and developing new solutions to keep being even more environmentally and socially responsible.