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Putting ethics back into aesthetics...



L'Envers is a durable and timeless wardrobe which highlights quality and not quantity with collections that transcend the seasons.

Contrary to a rhythm of regular and seasonal launches with a limited lifespan, the antipodes of a fast fashion quickly produced, quickly consumed, quickly forgotten, L’Envers’ ethos lies in the offer of a simple and sustainable luxury, respectful of artisans and our environment.

All our pieces are knitted in small family workshops in Spain, home of Julie the designer. In this country where fast fashion reigns we wanted to give a voice to local artisans specialised in knitwear who have suffered from the relocation of the textile industry to Asia.

The raw materials, selected exclusively from French and Spanish spinning mills, are noble and respectful of the environment.

Our creations are intended for men and women inspired by the stories of artisanal production, of slow and respectful fashion, lovers of beautiful pieces woven and knitted with care, love, patience and who want to discover the hidden hands behind the confection of their clothes.



To reconcile ethics and aesthetics by offering timeless pieces designed with authenticity, kindness and simplicity. Away from the tyranny of seasons, to offer editions which are meant to stand the test of time and not purely ephemeral collections.

We believe ethics and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive. Making timeless, authentic, simple beautiful pieces whilst ensuring we respect all social and environmental aspects of the production process.

Outliving fast fads, seasonal trends and ephemeral collection to create timeless collections.



Social and environmental consciousness Read more

The time has come for responsible consumption.
We want to put the person behind every garment we make at the centre-stage and to truly hero all our partners. The proximity of our suppliers and the traceability of all the components allow us to limit our ecological footprint.
We work exclusively with raw materials that respect both the environment and our health.

Local expertise read more

Because we strive to give pride of place to a sustainable and thoughtful consumption, we attach the greatest importance to our manufacturing conditions. All our pieces are knitted in accordance with a local production not only to limit our ecological footprint, but also to build personalised and lasting relationships with each of our partners.

Small editions read more

Well beyond its primary purpose, a piece of clothing is above all a means of personal expression, the vector of our own identity, the expression of a particular and personal story, carrying an ethos that allows everyone to surpass their individuality and personality.

With this in mind, we wanted to focus our offer on a few pieces produced in small editions, and each hand-numbered to reinject a little meaning and a lot of individuality in these times of homogeneity.

A tailor-made offer read more

We are all different and unique - that’s why we want to offer each and everyone the custom piece that will fit just perfectly. If the SM, ML or LXL are not appropriate, we will be happy to offer you the cardigan or jumper of your choice knitted to your dimensions. read more


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