PORTUGAL Since 1981


Hidden in the centre of Porto is Linda's workshop. In the window a small sign, written in red letters and reading "Maquinas de Tricotar", is suspended among piles of old faded jumpers. Here time seems to stand still. Joaquim, Linda's husband, opens the door. It was he who opened the knitting machine repair shop 30 years ago. There is no sign that below it there is an entire clothing workshop.

This is Linda's studio, a small space filled with machines, combs, baskets, needles, hooks, articulated arms, wool cones, and catalogs with hundreds of punch cards, all of which she uses regularly while creating products for the few brands that get the opportunity to work with her. Here she splits her time between giving knitting lessons to the locals, and creating knitwear of the highest quality.

Everything she makes is done by hand, with care, patience, and passion, and this is reflected in her hands which are marked by the passage of time and the many beautiful pieces she has created.


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