For years, I have been seeing all these brands taking part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, also known as Pink October, and offering pink jewellery, sweaters, underwear and shoes to raise awareness and support this cause. Let's be honest, I always asked myself the question: what if we also did something? But I very quickly abandoned the idea because I did not feel legitimate to speak on this subject, and I even found it opportunistic to link L'Envers to a cause that seemed remote to me (in a bad way by the way because we are all concerned!). 

But in 2022 the context is different, very different. Because first of all, yes, this subject affects us all, directly or indirectly. And then my little sister, one of the people I love and cherish the most in the world, was screened at the beginning of the summer, and she had her left breast partially removed. So here I am on the front line, very touched by the physical suffering she endures with heavy treatments and physical change, and also moved by her strength of character. She is strong, very strong. Soon all of this will be a bad memory. 

So this year, yes, for the first time, I want to support the cause of breast cancer and raise awareness about screening, because it can save lives, the lives of many women! I asked my little sister which association to support (there are many!) and she suggested Patients en réseau, an association that helped her a lot to explain her disease to her two young children, with words simple and reassuring. 

We have therefore decided to give them 10% of our profits for the whole month of October.

Have a nice weekend, and take care of yourself!