We won't increase our prices

Sustainable needs to mean accessible

Costs have gone up, but our prices won’t - here’s why.

Last year’s been tough for business. With everything going on around the world, I guess we were lucky to be an online business. But still. We made investments for the future of a brand and a purpose we strongly believe in, to keep up to the promise of pieces you can keep for a lifetime and impeccable customer service, with a growing base of customers - you. We recruited new members to the team. Together with the family-owned ateliers we work with, we bought 2 new knitting machines. We purchased larger stocks of wool before the season to avoid running out right in the midst of winter and this way avoid shooting ourselves in the foot. And… prices soared, to a level we didn’t dare imagine.

In 2022, production costs went up by 9%. Our raw materials, by 21%, with cotton nearly doubling up. Logistics, by an average of 15%. Luckily, our decision to use only upcycled woven material meant we were able to save some money there. But these increases put our business at risk, and at some point, early in the summer, we even came close to the conclusion that we couldn’t keep going. We had to invest the little personal savings we had left, and ask our bank for a credit, something hard to swallow for a small independent self-funded business that had managed to cope with lots of highs and lows in the previous years.

So a time came when we asked ourselves: should we increase our prices? In the past few years, to reflect some of the huge increases we had suffered particularly on our mohair wool, we made small changes to the price of some of our pieces, much against our will. However, our objective is to offer fair prices all year round. Prices that reflect the continued quality of our raw materials sourced exclusively in France, Italy, and Spain; prices that allow us to keep offering you pieces made by small independent and family-owned ateliers here in Spain where we live, offering them fair wages. Prices that don’t turn sustainable fashion into some kind of unattainable luxury good, though we are conscious that our prices may already seem high for many of you. And then it became obvious. If costs have gone up for our business, we also know that prices have suffered a huge increase on nearly all goods for all of us, all of you.

We have therefore made the decision to not increase any of our prices in 2023. And to reflect the fact that we now only work with upcycled fabrics, more sustainable but also more accessible, we have also made the decision to lower the price of our woven pieces, like our CATHERINE dress. This means we might not be able to reinvest as much in the short term, and we will have to discontinue some of our slower-selling designs or colors. We’re ok with it, and we hope you are too. We want our pieces to be for everyone, not just a happy few. That’s why we’re also giving you the option to split your payment in 3 installments, free of charge, with SplitIt.

PS: Yes, we will discontinue some of our much-loved designs and colors on February 21st, the day we launch our new Spring / Summer pieces. So if you want to get one of these soon-to-be-collectors pieces like our GABY or our CLAUDE cardigans or our Vermilion and Camel merino knits, now is the time. But remember: don’t buy it if you don’t need it.