Castilla y León, SPAIN Since 1988


For the Sánchez family, the knitting industry has been a part of their personal history since the early 40s.
Born in Bejar, a stronghold of the Spanish textile industry, Mr and Mrs Sánchez both worked in textile mills from a young age. The industry was flourishing at the time, and while Casimiro worked as a weaver, Marcelina was a canetière and in charge of the winding machines.

In the late 80s, after living in Casteres, France for ten years, the Sánchez family returned to Bejar. During their time away they had continued to work in the textile industry and on their return they decided to open their own clothing factory, which is now the last surviving one in the area! Their focus is on producing high quality clothes, with close attention to detail.

In 2008, Casimiro and Marcelina's son, Miguel Ángel, joined the family business, and already the  third generation is a part of life at the workshop - 4 year old Angela is there every day playing with her dolls between early 20th century knitting machines where her grandmother sews the collars of our jumpers. At Cotolino inheritance becomes the present and the future!


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