ALICE Colors

How much does our mood depend on the colors we’re wearing? Diving into color-therapy, Isabelle Thomas, former editor-in-chief of numerous french titles (Glamour and Biba to name a few) and now a talented stylist, shares a powerful tool to boost self esteem and lift up our mood. Our color palette at l’Envers has traditionally been more towards neutrals, but we’ve been keen on adding a pop of brighter tones these last few years: Klein Blue, Coral, and coming later this season a bright Yellow and a vibrant Red. While working with Isabelle, she shared with me the idea of using our ALICE Alpaca scarf as a canvas to infuse some color-therapy principles: pairing a classic darker hue (navy blue) with bright and playful details. Our collaboration was soon born and we are happy to find the chicest way to upcycle our wool cones leftovers to pamper our beloved ALICE. All the pieces will be knitted upon order in the family owned atelier we work with in Bejar, Spain; upcycling ochre cotton, coral alpaca and Klein blue merino wool threads.

The collaboration was shot by Ali Sallusti.