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CLARA - Cheese maker


Tell us about you...

My name is Clara Diez, I live in Madrid and I work with artisan cheese. I’m part of a project called Quesería Cultivo, that we founded in 2014, four years ago. By then I was just 22 years old and since then, my life has changed a lot: since then I live pretty obsessed with the artisan world in all its disciplines and the importance of supporting local projects. I try to live coherently to that point of view. Out of work, I love to spend a lot of time walking around the city, taking pictures, traveling, spending time with my friends, and catching up with my family (I came from a big one so I have a very special link with them). Also, diving into any discipline related to creativity, art and ideas. I'm addicted to coffee, to top it all off. ;)

Who or what inspires you ?

Specially unique and strong women, some of whom I personally know, and some others whose vital and professional journey interests me and so I keep track of. Creative minds, free minds… those who think different and so they have a very unique and pure point of view. People with sensibility, basically. Also, cities inspire me a lot. Walking around cities and breath their vibes, imagining how living there would be like, enjoying their architecture and lifestyle, that’s something very fulfilling to me.

What is something you have loved for a long time ?

Interior design, decoration. The chance of creating a specific environment, regarding your personal taste and needs. I love bringing home very special pieces from my triavels. It’s a beautiful way to keep memories alive. Also materials such as line, stone… I love getting surrounded by natural materials.

What is something you have recently rediscovered ?

Travelling! I travel pretty frequently for work and I’ve always enjoyed it, but lately I’m specially realizing how much I love it and how much it liberates my mind. I feel so lucky for being able to travel quite a lot.

What is your favourite object and what makes it special ?

In my last trip to Kenya, I bought a chess made in the coast by local artisans with a very special material that I haven’t seen anywhere else, they called it ‘’soft stone’’. Its color is kind of greyish- soft pink… so beautiful. Every piece of the chess is made by hand and has a very african style. I love it.

What is something you are looking forward to ?

My wedding day! I’m getting married in September and I’m sure is going to be a very special day, having fun and sharing love with all my people. Can’t wait!

What does sustainability mean to you ?

Also, I think it means making thoughtful choices in your day by day. It means being aware of what we are supporting through our decisions, specially through the commercial ones. There is a sentence that inspires me a lot (referring to the way we eat and how we can change the food system) that says: ‘’You can vote to change the system. Three times a day.’’

Well, the same with every step we take, with every consumption decision. To me, sustainable means ‘’what is the result of natural cycles’’. Is it sustainable a planet where half of the population works in terrible conditions to produce clothes in a massive way to be worn by the other half? Is it sustainable being able to eat tomatoes all year long? I don’t think so.

What is your relationship with fashion ?

To me, is the way we have to exteriorize what is in our minds in the day by day and the way we get related with the world. In the same way the a painter uses a canvas to express things, or a singer uses his voice, I think we have an opportunity to create through clothing. What you wear is the first impression the world is going to have about you, so I don’t think is something trivial. Even if you don’t care about fashion, that -nonchalanceattitude has a meaning as well. I think that’s powerful.

Why did you choose this piece of L’Envers ?

I love very much the new collection of L’Envers, specially the Madeleine jumper because I feel that it matches my style very much. I usually wear baggy clothes, often a bit masculine, and I try to buy atemporal items, preferably without following trends. That’s why I choose the Madeleine jumper, because I could have bought it yesterday, but also in the 90’s, in the 80’s…

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