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ANNA - Photographer and Writer


Tell us about you...

My name is Anna. I am from Barcelona and have been living in Madrid for 2 and a half years. I worked for several years for an NGO but had to stop working due to health issues. I then started a personal blog, a sort of personal refuge that allowed me to escape from physical suffering and reconnect with my passions of writing and photography. In October 2017 I wrote a book titled "The Stories of Madrid" in which I share the personal stories of 15 projects based on craft and creativity in the city, each illustrated by photos, and I am currently writing for other projects and working as a photographer, always on projects that correspond to my values and of which I share the philosophy. I have worked several times with L'Envers, and it has always been a pleasure, everything always feels so natural.

Who or what inspires you ?

Everything, in general: textures, smells, colours, people, places, objects ... I really like to discover the story behind a person and their projects: why they are dedicated to what they do, when they started and why, what was their initial inspiration ... These stories always inspire me a lot and I find them stimulating.
Nature is also a great source of inspiration. Whether it's the sea, the mountains or a forest ... In front of nature, my mind winds down, I feel an inner serenity that I do not feel in my day-to- day, ideas and emotions come from a different place, more internal and deep.

What is something you have loved for a long time ?

Books. The love of words and reading have been with me since I was little.

What is something you have recently rediscovered ?

Simple pleasures: watering the plants, sweeping the house, preparing a soup for dinner, washing your shoes by hand, lathering some cream on after the shower, scrubbing the plates and leaving the kitchen sparkling clean. There is something in these simple tasks that call for order and care (towards oneself, towards the house and objects that are important to you, to others) that gives me a lot of serenity. What seemed to me just a few years ago a list of boring and time-consuming tasks now seems like soothing and rejuvenating moments.

What is your favourite object and what makes it special ?

I have several ... I try more and more to ensure that every object in our house is special and has a meaning for me, for us. I really like the wooden table and the bench that were made by a friend of mine who is a cabinetmaker, a stool that I restored, the kitchen utensils that belonged to my grandmother, the silver spoons with my father’s initials... If I had to choose only one thing, I would say the frame that my brother drew in college when he was 14 and which he offered me as a surprise. You can see my father, my mother, him and me. I look at this frame every day.

What is something you are looking forward to ?

Right now, a day of rest in the outdoors with Ricard, my husband. The road has been beautiful and exciting, but also exhausting. I want to spend a day with him, just the two of us, no one and nothing else, to enjoy a quieter pace in a new place, to wander through the woods, on the beach, to read and simply enjoy our time together.

What does sustainability mean to you ?

For me it's a way of life. Ethics is a more conscious way of living, it's one of my greatest aspirations. It involves thinking before buying "Do I really need it? What is it made of? How has it been made? What impact does this have on the planet and on people? Is it quality? Will I be able to use it for a long time? ... ", choosing brands and products that do things well, that do not use certain raw materials (avoiding as much plastic as possible for example), buying eco-friendly products (when it comes to food, cosmetics and household products) and buying local products. I always have my tote bag when I go shopping, and buy in bulk to avoid packaging, championing craftmanship ... For me, ethics is the sum of all those little things we do to care for the people and everything around us, to minimise our impact on the environment.

What is your relationship with fashion ?

I love fashion, I always have, and at the same time, for several years I rejected it. Trying to mimic magazines, catwalks or models was a permanent frustration. Since then I have reconnected with fashion (for the most part at least). I feel better with few clothes and shoes, only owning pieces that I really like, that do not follow trends, that are timeless, beautiful and comfortable, in which I feel at ease and that are "me".
I also like to help the person who created the product I am buying: the bag of a friend who is a leather craftsman, the dress of a Lithuanian family who designs and sews each piece themselves, a jumper from L’Envers ... When each piece have a special meaning, I wear them with much more love.

Why did you choose this piece of L’Envers ?

I hesitated a long time because there are so many pieces of L'Envers that I love and that match my style. In the end, I chose this cardigan because it represents everything I like in a garment: simple, neutral colour and with a quirky detail (that I can wear either front on or back to front) :)

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