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With our ethics and values in mind we have naturally turned to wool when selecting our raw material.

Wool is a uniquely natural fiber that has a number of benefits. 

Our wool is eco-friendly and sustainable. It’s a 100% natural, biodegrable and renewable fibre. The simple combination of sheep or yak, sunlight, water and grass.  It is grown not made. Every year the animal grows a new fleece. Wool uses much less energy than synthetic fibers contributing to high global pollution. It is the essence of sustainable consumption.
It is a luxurious fibre, with a soft handle which makes it cosy and comfortable to wear. Wool is durable and can withstand the rigors of daily use. The perfect material for quality product which will last and keep its good appearance if given adequate care.

Wool is naturally easy care as it resists dirt and stains.

We're committed to responsible sourcing. Our high-quality wool is wisely and carefully chosen with our French mill. It allows us to ensure that our raw material are of the best quality and environment friendly.

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When most of manufacturers source their merino wool in Australia and New Zealand, ours is locally sourced : it is 100% French and comes from Arles (South of France).

Due to its natural qualities including breathability, merino wool keeps warm in cold temperatures and cool in the hot climates.

It’s a 100% natural, biodegrable and renewable fibre. Very light, durable, flexible, the ideal wool to make soft and beautiful knitwear.

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Once reserved exclusively for the emperors of ancient China due to its exceptional and luxurious qualities, yak wool is now becoming one of the trendiest eco-friendly wool.

As soft as cashmere, warmer than merino and alpaca wool, yak wool has an extremely soft touch and is naturally antibacterial and anti- allergy. It is less prone to pilling and fluffing than other woollen fibres.

This precious wool can be sourced only by hand-combing each yak individually, once a year, when the yak shed their winter coats. We source our yak wool directly from cooperatives made up of herder families living in the Arkhangai region of Mongolia offering them a sustainable way to preserve their traditional way of life.

No synthetic dyes or batch processes are used.

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Mohair has the look, feel and shine of silk.
Feather-light, wrinkle-resistant, our mohair comes from Peruvian and Bolivian plateaus.

Mohair is made from the wool fiber produced by the Angora goat, named after the Anatolian plateaux in Asia Minor; more specifically the province of Ankara, formerly called Angora.

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A naturally high quality fiber, alpaca is one of the softest materials available, and was once considered so precious that it was reserved only for Inca kings!

It is a rare fiber (an alpaca will provide only 2 to 3 kg of hair per year), but it is stronger, softer and lighter than sheep's wool.


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